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The Nightlife of Hands

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       When the city sleeps, the inhabitant's hands have a life of their own. But only until sunrise. Love, heartbreak, and all of the drama one hand can muster will be revealed as we take a peek into The Nightlife of Hands.





Director: Jasmine Patterson

Producer: Jasmine Patterson

Art Director: Mars Stromsness

Promotions Director: Asa Weekes

Script Writer: Jasmine Patterson

Storyboard Artist: Mia Laplanche

Animatic Editor: Jasmine Patterson

Character Artist: Aakash Mandava, Jasmine Patterson, Mars Stromsness

Prop Designer: Jojo Bailey, Ezra Oulanyah, Bryan Wilson

Environment Designer: Jojo Bailey, Ezra Oulanyah, Bryan Wilson

3D Environment Modeler: Nidhi Jallepally, Mia Laplanche, Shuheng Lin, Logan Thomas Velez

Promotions Artist: Marley Smith

3D Character Modeler: Melinda Vilar Pablos

Sound Designer: Janice Acevedo

Composer: Doug London

2D Animator: Rachel Hager, Jasmine Patterson, Debrina Rolley, Stephanie Seidner, Keilani Sparks, Elyse Thaman

3D Animator:

Cleanup Animator:

Compositor: Isaac Ortiz

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