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    I greatly appreciate your visit to the website and to this page! Cute Rockett is a 2D animation indie studio founded by and currently operated by myself. For now, the studio is a passion project funded by me. With your help, I can continue to pay for licensing and save up for a physical studio in the future! As far as projects go, the studio will start by producing short films. Each short film will have a Kickstarter as I don't have the personal funds for the teams. With the kickstarter goal met, however, I will pay everyone. Once the studio has been grounded in the future, we will produce bigger projects such as tv series, films, commercials, video games, and music videos. I have several future projects lined up already, so we will always have something for you to stay tuned for. I would like to continue with short filmmaking. So in the future, short films will be made into an internship program. These are my goals- my plans- and I would love for you to be a part of the journey. I cannot wait for you to see what we create. Thank you.

-Jasmine Patterson

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