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The Nightlife of Hands takes flight!

Cute Rockett's first project has now entered production! Our small and mighty team set our pens ablaze last month in April, ready to really bring the film to life. The animation so far is already exciting! But you may be wondering. What is The Nightlife of Hands about?

Picture this: a bustling cityscape, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary when the sun sets. But here's the twist—this isn't your typical city. This is a metropolis where hands have a life of their own! We're talking about fingers that strut down the streets, digits that dance in clubs, and mitts managing melodrama.

So, how can you keep up with the fun? Keep your eyes peeled for updates from Cute Rockett Studio as "The Nightlife of Hands" continues its journey to the screen. Follow along on our website, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more news and announcements. For exclusive sneak peaks on the film and future projects, we would be thrilled to have you support the Studio Patreon!

We've got all hands on deck to make Cute Rockett's first project stellar! Prepare for a trip to the Mini City, where hands live their own lives when the humans are sleeping.

Stay tuned and curious!

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