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Space Gamers

We're keeping Cute Rockett week going with a fun little party game. Take a spin at Space Girl. This is a mini game I made with and I must say, I'm quite proud of myself! Although I know almost nothing about coding (and still don't), I put together three difficulties for you to enjoy. I want to re make this game with better coding knowledge (or maybe some help) and update the look and embed the game to play on our website here! The game is simple: think of Pac-Man. Use space girl to collect a star. Once you touch a star, the monsters will turn into ghosts. catch ghosts to collect points. When the ghosts turn light purple, that means they are about to change back into monsters, so be careful! The current high score for hard mode is 43. My high score is 40. Can you top that? Post your hard mode score here! Click here for the game. :)

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